Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. - COR

Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. - COR

Pioneer Hi-Bred, also known as Corteva Agriscience (COR) is an agriculture based public company. The R&D department strives to be best in class in discovering and developing innovations that create value for farmers and deliver consumer benefits in planet friendly ways. The Seeds Regulatory Science department, host for the ESR, in R&D assess safety of biotech crops. The ESR will learn how allergenicity assessment of biotech crops gets done using various bioinformatics tools. The key persons below will participate in training the incoming intern/ESR on industrial practices of allergenicity analysis in GE crops. 

ALLPreT  team members

 Rod Herman-Research Fellow; Co-Supervisor of ESR1, expertise in science based safety assessment 

 Ping Song - Research Scientist, expertise in bioinformatics 

 Henry Mirsky - Research Scientist, expertise in science based safety assessment of GM crops 

 Mary Beatty - Research Scientist, expertise in comparative genomics, 

 Bin Cong - Research Leader 

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