Medizinische Universitaet Wien

Medizinische Universitaet Wien

MUW was founded in 1365 as Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna and became an autonomous university in 2004. It is the largest medical organization in Austria, hosting 5.500 employees among them 3.633 researchers in 30 university clinics and 12 centres. Research: MUW takes “Inter-disciplinarity” and “Translational Research” seriously. Practically all of the  organizational units are involved in medical science and medical diagnostic related research to provide a better understanding of disease mechanisms and to improve prevention, diagnosis and therapy. Teaching: MUW is Austria’s largest medical training center and educates 6.500 MD and 1.400 PhD students each year. The MUW offers 18 postgraduate courses, 16 PhD Doctoral degrees and 10 doctoral degrees of applied medical science courses. Clinical data: 1.600 medical doctors treat 100.000 inpatients and 550.000 outpatients and performing >50 000 operations each year.

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Michelle Epstein, MD

Michelle Epstein is an allergist and clinical immunologist trained in Canada and USA who has been working in Vienna on models of allergic disease. M. Epstein is a member of the EFSA GMO Safety Panel and working group on allergenicity risk assessment and the coordinator of the EAACI Task Force on "Animal models of allergic disease". She is the supervisor for Maysam Taheri (DC9) and co-supervisor of Birte Hell (DC7) and Behnaz Shafie (DC10). 

Learn more about MUW on their website, or contact Michelle Epstein via e-mail

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