MacroArray Diagnostics GmbH -MADx

MacroArray Diagnostics GmbH -MADx

At MADx we develop, produce, and distribute reagents, instruments and software for immunological diagnostics and research applications. Our products allow flexible, reliable and affordable sensitization profiling of each patient.In addition, we offer the entire value chain from test material to evaluation, the necessary hardware and software to the cloud-based interpretation and analysis software that always runs in real time. We improve the diagnosis of immunological diseases through innovation. We enable individualized and evidence-based medicine while directly and indirectly reducing costs for healthcare systems and improving patients' quality of life.We are dedicated to continuously drive evolution in immunodiagnostics, with a special focus on type I allergies.An extensive academic collaboration network ensures the translation of the newest findings in basic research into our products. This mutually benefical exchange with the scientific communities from the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe resulted in a plethora of molecular allergens unique to the ALEX2 platform and the inclusion of a cross-reactive carbohydrate inhibitor in the standard ALEX2 test kits. 

ALLPreT team members

Dr Christian Harwanegg: expertise in assay development on multiplex platforms and automations 

 Dr. Martina Aumayr: expertise in allergen prevalence, recognition and detection 

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