Luxembourg Institute of Health – LIH

Luxembourg Institute of Health – LIH

LIH is a public biomedical research institute. The Department of Infection and Immunity (DII) is one of the three main research departments. As a research entity oriented to clinical and translational research, the major focus of DII are deregulated immune system functions, both related to infectious or inflammatory pathologies. 

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Annette Kuehn, PhD

Annette Kuehn, PhD is research group leader (“Molecular & Translational Allergology”) and principal investigator. Annette will supervise ESR8, co-supervise ESR3 and lead WP4: Intrinsic proteins properties. Expertise: molecular and immunological allergen properties, molecular diagnosis, basophil activation and immune analysis in the context of food allergy. Supervised 3 PhD, 4 Bachelor and 7 Master students. She has full PhD supervision rights from the Faculté des Sciences, de la Technologie et de la communication, University of Luxembourg.

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