Indoor Biotechnologies Ltd. - IBT

Indoor Biotechnologies Ltd. - IBT

Indoor Biotechnologies (IBT) specializes in manufacturing biologics for allergy and asthma. The company is recognized as world leader in assessment of environmental exposure to allergens. The company manufactures highly purified allergens for allergy research and diagnostics, and is internationally recognized for research on allergen structure, function and immune recognition. IBT’s core technology is a comprehensive, proprietary portfolio of antibodies that are key components in assay platforms (ELISA kits and MARIA® technology) for allergen detection. IBT also manufactures purified natural and recombinant allergens for research and for development of allergy diagnostics and vaccines. 

ALLPreT team members

Dr Maria Oliver has a PhD in viral immunology, 4 years’ post-doctoral experience, and 5 years’ experience in industry, overseeing contract research projects and internal R&D. During her scientific career, she has gained expertise in immunoassay techniques such as ELISpot, ELISA and Luminex and extensive scientific know-how regarding immunological responses to viral infections and ex-vivo cellular stimulations. 

Ross Yarham has over 4 years’ experience in programme and project management with a BSc (Hons) in biotechnology & professional certifications in PRINCE2 & contract management. He previously managed the world leading Food Allergy & Intolerance Research Programme at the UK Food Standards Agency and also acted as their Senior Allergen Risk Assessor, setting up their current quantitative approach.

Learn more about InBio on their website.  

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