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ALK-Abelló A/S - ALK

Today, ALK is the global leader in allergy immunotherapy (AIT). Revenue in 2017 was 2.9 BDKK and ALK's product portfolio currently helps around 1.5 million people suffering from severe respiratory allergies and asthma. ALK employs ~2300 people and its products are available in 32 countries. ALK has a long tradition in drug discovery and development. In the 1970s, ALK was the first company to standardize the production of allergen extracts for use in allergy immunotherapy. In the 1990s, ALK launched allergy immunotherapy (SLIT) drops for allergy treatment - a decisive step towards making allergy immunotherapy more convenient for patients. In the 2000s, ALK developed the world’s first sublingual allergy immunotherapy tablet (SLIT-tablet), against grass pollen allergy. Later, came SLIT-tablets against ragweed, house dust mite and cedar allergies. ALK's house dust mite SLIT-tablet is the first AIT treatment with an indication to treat both allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma. Today, research is focussed on Food Allergy Treatments, biomarkers, diagnostics and next generation AIT vaccines and on novel opportunities that can expand ALK’s current core business. 

ALLPreT team members

Shashank Gupta is the Head of Immunology at ALK, which includes ex-vivo/ in-vitro human and mouse studies. He holds PhD and Postdoc in Immunology. During last 15 years of his Research career he worked on human MHC II molecules and T-cell immunology, mouse models (Autoimmune Diabetes [T1D] and Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis [EAE]) and understanding mechanism behind chronic inflammation and autoimmunity. At ALK he lead several discovery projects, within next generation SLIT vaccine concepts for allergy treatment. Currently, his team is working on the Food allergy models, sublingual treatment and mode of action of Immunotherapy. 

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